Islam in Azerbaijan and Azeri Muslims

Capital: Baku (Baki)
Population: 9 Million
Muslims Percent: 93.4% (approx. 8.4 Million muslims)

Islam in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan: The Hidden Faces of Islam

Islamic Food Practices and Azerbaijani Identity

28/11/05 Azerbaijan condemned for crackdown - Guardian
09/11/05 Officials give ground after election fraud allegations - Guardian
08/11/05 Protest threat follows claim of poll fraud in Azerbaijan
07/11/05 Azerbaijani ruling party claims victory in parliamentary elections - Guardian
06/11/05 Azeri poverty fuels rise of Islam - BBC
05/11/05 West turns a blind eye as activists crushed before Azerbaijan poll
05/11/05 Azerbaijan opposition activists arrested on eve of election - Guardian
28/03/05 The rise of Islam in Azerbaijan
24/06/04 Authorities Strive To Keep Islam Under Control
07/06/03 Rumblings afoot in Azerbaijan


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Islam and Muslims in Central Asia


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