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22/10/06 Drunk & disorderly: Women in UK are worst binge drinkers in world
05/09/06 Children of alcoholics 'damaged' - AA
03/09/06 Children of alcoholics 'damaged' - BBC
10/08/06 Robin Williams takes up drinking after 20 years, then goes into rehab
04/08/06 Health experts warn of English addiction to binge drinking
09/07/06 Katactpodpa!* (*Catastrophe!): Russians run out of booze
14/06/06 Drinking no excuse for racial slurs
08/06/06 Third of men drink to drown out job stress
12/05/06 Girl, 11, will be Britain's youngest mother
11/05/06 Relatives of slain teens want tougher DWI law
07/05/06 Alcohol is deadlier than ecstasy, says Government's drugs adviser
18/04/06 Britons turn to alcohol to mask depression
16/04/06 'I'm not drinking. I'm just self-medicating'
19/03/06 'Drunk and proud' Spanish go on the rampage
15/03/06 Alcohol-related illness soars as 1 in 18 addicts get treatment
05/02/06 Date rape: The real problem
20/01/06 Chechnya cracks down on drink - Guardian
15/01/06 Drink and the modern girl
07/01/06 'Russia's curse' casts pall over orthodox holiday
07/01/06 'I've met people from all walks of life suffering this addiction'
06/01/06 Sobering increase in Britons dying for a drink
02/01/06 Stabbings and drunken violence mar New Year's Eve across country
02/01/06 Adverts 'increase youth drinking'
28/01/06 Alcohol becomes a flashpoint
23/12/05 Alcohol the battleground in east-west conflict
20/12/05 Drink deaths jump 350% in 20 years - Scotsman
19/12/05 Scottish drink death toll goes up - BBC
18/12/05 The effects of a month of binge drinking
17/12/05 An ordinary 14-year-old who turned into a killer
16/01/06 Admissions for chronic liver disease up nearly 100 per cent
15/12/05 Alcohol takes toll on Scots NHS - BBC
02/12/05 Two glasses of wine a day may not be good for heart
25/11/05 France does have a drink problem, survey reveals
22/11/05 Swedish ads urge EU alcohol curbs
21/11/05 One-third believe victims of rape are to blame if they were drunk
20/11/05 'I was ashamed, anguished, full of fear and self-loathing'
20/11/05 What alcohol really does to your body
06/11/05 Epidemic of liver disease hits women drinkers
24/10/05 Population dip in Russia blamed on alcoholism and poverty
16/08/05 Alcohol deaths rise by 20 per cent in five years
16/08/05 Poison that is healthy in small quantities but deadly in excess
03/04/05 More sexual assaults are caused by too much alcohol than by 'date rape' drugs
10/01/99 So drunk, she could not recall tragedy
23/08/98 Want a Baby? Say No to Drinks!


Any wonder why Islam forbids alcohol? - Modern Religion


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